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Inspections & Repairs

Operating Stores / Vacant Stores / Vacant Properties

HCR, Inc. seamlessly integrates inspection services with our repair offerings, streamlining the entire process. Our team of inspectors comprises top-tier independent contractors, each possessing a decade or more of experience in evaluating both commercially operating and vacant properties. These seasoned inspectors, carefully vetted by HCR, focus on identifying potential risk factors, including new or existing damage, upcoming maintenance needs, safety considerations, and the effectiveness of subtenants' maintenance practices.


Furthermore, HCR, Inc. extends its expertise to provide due diligence inspections for properties or portfolios within your acquisition plans. The resulting reports are thorough, providing intricate insights into both the interior and exterior conditions, accompanied by a comprehensive array of photographs.

What distinguishes HCR, Inc. from conventional facilities maintenance providers is our distinctive inspection approach. We leverage the proficiency of independent commercial general contractors who not only conduct meticulous assessments but also excel in executing the identified repairs. This method eliminates any guesswork in estimating repair costs. With a commercial general contractor on-site, you can anticipate precise condition confirmation and receive personalized recommendations for maintenance plans.

HCR's Inspections Services:

  • Preliminary Property Assessments

  • Recurring Property Inspections

  • Due Diligence Inspections

  • Insurance Repair Work Inspections

  • Quality Assurance Checks

  • Back Flow Inspections

  • Regular Site Visits

Need Inspections / Repair Services?

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Terri M. (Real Estate Manager)

"The HCR team did an awesome and thorough job with the office restoration, and met all expectations!"
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