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HCR, Inc.

Since its establishment in 2001, Horizon Cleaning and Restoration (HCR), Inc. has risen to prominence as the premier national service provider catering to the world's largest big-box retail stores. Specializing in facilities maintenance and preservation services, HCR has become a cornerstone in the commercial real estate industry.

HCR's distinctive strength lies in its ability to provide immediate solutions to the most intricate challenges faced by its customers. When it comes to property emergencies, HCR takes charge, offering comprehensive services that alleviate concerns for its clients with a high sense of urgency. Each dedicated team within HCR is equipped with extensive experience and a diverse skill set, ensuring preparedness for any job. The company boasts a roster of professionals, including state licensed specialists in all trades, general contractors, project managers, and skilled handymen.

The ultimate mission at HCR is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every task undertaken, a commitment consistently met. HCR's unwavering dedication to excellence sets it apart as the go-to company for all property asset preservation needs, whether vacant or occupied. Known for going above and beyond, HCR embraces tasks that others may shy away from, ensuring that each job is completed to the highest standards.

Our Leadership

Terri M. (Real Estate Manager)

"The HCR team did an awesome and thorough job with the office restoration, and met all expectations!"
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